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Mazda Achieves Mixed Model Production of V6 and In-Line Four-Cylinder Engines
Submitted by Berny on Monday, September 10, 2007 - 12:22Mazda General

- As an industry-first, engine parts machining line is capable of 'Volume and Model Mix Flexible Production' -

—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced the introduction of mixed model production on the engine parts machining line at its engine plant located near Mazda’s headquarters in Hiroshima. The engine plant manufactures the new 3.7-liter V6 engine and the current in-line four-cylinder 1.8- to 2.3-liter MZR series gasoline engines. Production of V6 engines resumed in May, nearly four years since their manufacture ceased in August 2003. Mazda announced in North America today that the new V6 engine will be mounted in the 2008 CX-9 that is scheduled to go on sale this summer.

The engine machining line was designed to achieve the diversification and high efficiency necessary for flexible production*1 by applying Mazda’s latest production and manufacturing technologies to various engine parts*2 as they move along the line. Jigs and tools that were previously specific to each engine model have been replaced with generic equipment. The result is a consolidated process that supports Volume and Model Mix Flexible Production and requires less investment for equipment.

Mazda’s Senior Managing Executive Officer in charge of Production and Business Logistics, Masaharu Yamaki, said, “Achieving mixed model production for both V6 and in-line four cylinder gasoline engine parts machining at the Ujina plant is the first step toward Volume and Model Mix Flexible Production, which lies at the heart of Mazda’s Manufacturing Innovation concept. Going forward, Mazda will progressively introduce the latest techniques to all of its production facilities in Japan and overseas as part of our Manufacturing Innovation initiative. We will continue to support improvements in production that raise Mazda’s brand value and enhance our business efficiency under the ‘One Mazda’ banner.”

*1 A production method that supports efficient and fast changes in production model and volume.
*2 Five parts: cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rods.

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