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Submitted by Berny on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 21:36Mazda General | Mazda6 | Other

TOKYO, Jan 24, 2008 -- Mazda Motor Corp. said Wednesday that it has developed a safety system that warns drivers who are trying to change lanes of vehicles approaching from behind.

This system will be an option starting with the new Atenza -- sold outside Japan as the Mazda6 -- that will be released at month's end.

It kicks in when the car exceeds 60 kilometres per hour. Using radar equipment below the taillights, the system detects vehicles in the adjacent lanes that are within 50 metres behind.

An LED turns on to alert the driver of vehicles approaching from behind. And if the driver activates the turn signals at that time, the system warns of the possibility of a collision via a sound and flashing LED.

Similar safety systems that sense vehicles approaching from behind and issue warnings when changing lanes have already been introduced in automobiles for the European market, such as those made by Germany's Volkswagen AG. But according to Mazda, this would be the first time such a system is installed in a model for the Japanese market.

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