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Mazda Releases Fully Upgraded Titan Truck in Japan
Submitted by Berny on Tuesday, January 9, 2007 - 18:47Other

- The New Titan Truck features a brand new interior and exterior, meets the latest environmental and fuel economy standards and offers even more conveniences -

Mazda Motor Corporation has launched the fully redesigned Mazda Titan, a small truck for the Japanese market. The Titan goes on sale nationwide today at all Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers.

Improvements to the upgraded Titan include a brand new exterior and an interior redesigned to maximize functionality and comfort. Additionally, a high-power and energy efficient turbo diesel engine, Mazda's Idling Stop & Start System and lighter body parts all contribute to better environmental performance and fuel economy, ensuring the Titan meets the latest environmental regulations for commercial vehicles. The new lineup offers a variety of body types and specifications that can all be driven with a new standard license under upcoming revisions to Japanese driver's license regulations*1.

The target sales volume for the entire Titan model range is 430 units a month.

Mazda Titan
(FWD middle cabin model with 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine, long body, full wide low, two ton cargo capacity, deluxe cabin and hinged loading panels made of aluminum.)

Main features of the fully upgraded Titan
1.  Superb environmental efficiency and fuel economy
High power, low consumption turbo diesel engine.
Newly developed 3.0-liter and 5.2-liter turbo diesel engines feature improved fuel economy and noise levels.
Idling Stop & Start System
The addition of an automatic restart function to a conventional automatic engine stop idling system contributes to curb exhaust emissions, raises fuel efficiency and reduces noise pollution.
Meets all environmental and fuel consumption regulations
All model grades meet the New Long-term Emissions Regulations*2 in Japan and, except for one specification, all grades achieve the heavy-duty vehicle fuel economy standards*3, making the Titan one of the most eco-friendly vehicles in its class.
*1  Under the revisions to Japan's driver's license system scheduled to come into effect in June 2007, vehicles with a GVW (gross vehicle weight) between 5 and 11 tons will be classed as medium duty vehicles and will require a medium class driver's license or a medium class second category driver's license. The present standard driving license covers vehicles with a cargo of up to 5 tons and a GVW of 8 tons. The new standard license will cover vehicles with a cargo of up to 3 tons and a GVW of 5 tons.
*2  Regulations applicable to new vehicles produced by automobile manufacturers. In comparison with the new short-term regulations, the amount of particulate matter (PM) has been reduced from 0.18 g/kWh to 0.027 g/kWh (down 85 percent); the amount of NOx has been reduced from 3.38 g/kWh to 2.0 g/kWh, (down more than 40 percent), making them the strictest regulations in the world.
*3  In accordance with the addition of a transport category to the energy conservation law, from fiscal year 2015 onwards, automotive manufacturers who produce heavy-duty diesel vehicles for the domestic market must achieve the target weighted average fuel consumption for all vehicles that are shipped.

2.  Functionality and comfort that cater to diverse needs
Improved cabin specifications
The existing Standard Cabin and Wide Cabin have been given brand new interiors. An intermediate Middle Cabin has been created with increased capacity and accommodation for three adults. The new cabin is 1,770mm wide, 75mm wider than the Standard Cabin.
5-ton series with various body styles and specifications
The lineup consists of a choice of three cabin types, all of which can be driven under the new standard driver's license when the new driver's license system comes into effect.

3.  Better safety features
Evolution of the Smoother Auto-Shift two-pedal manual transmission
Cleaner shifting and vastly improved shift feel.
Fitted immobilizer
In considering the needs of small-truck drivers, who frequently get into and out of a vehicle, an immobilizer anti-theft system has been installed as standard equipment.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Tokyo region)
* Price of the model in the attached photo
Engine Drive Cabin Cargo bed Transmission Max.
Price (yen)
With Tax Without
Deluxe 3.0L DE Turbo FWD Middle Flat body/long
Full wide low
loading panels
2.0t 4,074,000* 3,880,000
Standard Flat body/
Full wide low
5-speed MT 3,675,000 3,500,000
4WD 4,106,550 3,911,000
3.0L DE Turbo
(used for 1.5t grade)
FWD Standard Flat body/
Full wide low
5-speed MT 1.5t 2,862,300 2,726,000
4WD 3,148,950 2999,000
On the all-new Titan (deluxe spec) power windows, fog lights, a power folding passenger-side mirror and immobilizer are standard equipment.
A separate recycling fee of 9,240 yen for the Standard Cabin, 10,550 yen for the Middle Cabin and 11,950 yen for the Wide Cabin Titan models is necessary in addition to the manufacturer's suggested retail prices listed above. (The fee differs if a passenger-side airbag is selected as a factory installed option).

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